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FINANCE BILL, 2012 PASSED -:-VODAFONE CASE OVERRULED BY FINANCE BILL 2012 -:-BUDGET 2012 PRESENTED TODAY ON 16 MARCH, 2012 IN PARLIAMENT -:-SECTION 10(46) OF THE INCOME-TAX ACT, 1961 - EXEMPTIONS - STATUTORY BODY/AUTHORITY/BOARD/COMMISSION - NOTIFIED BODY OR AUTHORITY -:-INCOME-TAX (APPELLATE TRIBUNAL) AMENDMENT RULES, 2012 - AMENDMENT IN RULES 2, 4A, 9, 26 & 34A; DELETION OF PROVISO TO RULE 35A A -:-SECTION 65(105)(zzb), READ WITH SECTION 65(19) OF THE FINANCE ACT, 1994 - BUSINESS AUXILIARY SERVICE - LEVY OF SERVICE TAX -:-IT/ILT : A duly incorporated company under law of a country outside India is to be accepted as 'company' -:-STANDARDIZED LOT SIZE FOR SME EXCHANGE/PLATFORM CIRCULAR NO. MRD/DSA/06/2012, DATED 21-2-2012 -:-SECTION 139 OF THE INCOME-TAX ACT, 1961 - RETURN OF INCOME - EXEMPTION TO SPECIFIED PERSONS FROM REQUIREMENT OF FURNISHING -:-SECTION 139 OF THE INCOME-TAX ACT, 1961 - RETURN OF INCOME - EXEMPTION TO SPECIFIED PERSONS FROM REQUIREMENT OF FURNISHING -:-SECTION 10(15), ITEM (h) OF SUB-CLAUSE (iv) OF THE INCOME-TAX ACT, 1961 - EXEMPTIONS - INTEREST ON BONDS/DEBENTURES - NOTIFIED B -:-CENVAT CREDIT (FIRST AMENDMENT) RULES, 2012 - AMENDMENT IN RULE 12 -:-REFUND OF STATUTORY FEES PAID FOR CERTAIN SERVICES -:-RISK MANAGEMENT AND INTER-BANK DEALINGS - COMMODITY HEDGING -:-FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN SINGLE - BRAND RETAIL TRADING - AMENDMENT TO THE FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT -:-Export of Goods and Services - Forwarder's Cargo Receipt -:-REVIEW OF THE POLICY ON FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT- LIBERALIZATION OF POLICY IN SINGLE-BRAND RETAIL TRADING - AMENDMENT IN CIRCUL -:-GUIDELINES ON HANDLING OF COURT CASES AND OTHER LITIGATION MATTERS RELATING TO SEZs -:-CENTRALISED PROCESSING OF RETURNS SCHEME, 2011 -:-SECTION 69 OF THE FINANCE ACT, 1994 - REGISTRATION - CONVERSION OF TEMPORARY BASED REGISTRATION (STC) INTO PAN BASED REGISTRATIO -:-CLARIFICATION ON INTEREST RATES ON SMALL SAVINGS SCHEMES -:-CHANGES IN RE-INVESTMENT PERIOD OF FII DEBT LIMIT -:-ISSUANCE OF NON-CONVERTIBLE DEBENTURES (NCDs) -:-SECTION 65(109a) OF THE FINANCE ACT, 1994 - TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICE - CLARIFICATION ON TAXABILITY IN RESPECT OF INTERNATIONAL -:-COMPANIES (ACCOUNTING STANDARDS) (SECOND AMENDMENT) RULES, 2011 -:-FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN PHARMACEUTICALS SECTOR - AMENDMENT TO THE FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT SCHEME -:-Criteria-Guidelines for IT Scrutiny for AY 2010-11-FY 2009-2010 -:-PPF & SMALL SAVING SCHEMES - ANNUAL CEILING ON INVESTMENT IN PPF RAISED TO RS. 1 LAKH AND RATE OF INTEREST RAISED TO 8.6 PER CEN -:-DISCUSSION PAPER ON TAX ACCOUNTING STANDARDS -:-Section 90 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 - Double Taxation Agreement - Agreement for Exchange of Information with respect to taxes -:-SECTION 194A OF INCOME-TAX ACT, 1961 - DEDUCTION OF TAX AT SOURCE - INTEREST OTHER THAN INTEREST ON SECURITIES - TAX DEDUCTION -:-MEASURES TAKEN BY GOVERNMENT TO TACKLE BLACK MONEY -:-PRESS RELEASE, DATED 6-9-2011 -:-LATEST IN JUDICIARY -:-NEW RETURNS FORMS NOTIFIED -:-FINANCE BILL, 2010 BECOME FINANCE ACT 2010 ON 8.5.2010 -:-NO ALTERATION IN CHEQUES AFTER 1st JULY, 2010 -:-NO TDS UNDER SECTION 194C WHERE FINANCE AGREEMENTS ENTERED INTO BETWEEN A FINANCING CO. AND PRODUCER -:-EVEN BONUS SHARES ELIGIBLE FOR LOWER TAX RATE -:-ZERO COUPON BOND -:-RECENT AMENDMENT IN EQUITY LISTING AGREEMENT -:-THE COMPANY SECRETARIES (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2010 -:-NEW SARAL 2 NOTIFIED -:-ESI LIMIT REVISED -:-COFFEE DEBT RELIEF PACKAGE -:-FINANCE BILL, 2010 PASSED BY LOK SABHA -:-REVISION TEST PAPER FOR MAY 2010 EXAMS -:-LATEST IN JUDICIARY -:-MEMORANDUM EXPLAINING FINANCE BILL, 2010 -:-SOLVED QUESTION PAPER OF NOV. 09 (NEW SYLLABUS) -:-SOLVED QUESTION PAPER OF NOVEMBER 2009 EXAM (OLD SYLLABUS) -:-HIGHLIGHTS OF AMENDMENTS MADE BY FINANCE ACT, 2009 -:-Guidelines for setting up of SSI units in the SEZs. -:-TDS from Salaries during the Financial Year 2009-10 -:-Irregular availment of Cenvat credit on certain activities not amounting to manufacture -:-Relaxation in Remittance of Salary -:-Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Rules, 2010 -:-Revised quarterly reporting format for Foreign Venture Capital Investors -:-Empanelment of Chartered Accountant firms for the year 2010-2011 -:-Money Changing Activities- Suspicious Transaction Reporting Format -:-Amendment in 'Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements' -:-Simplified Debt Listing Agreement for Debt Securities - Amendments -:-Purchase of Immovable Property in India by PIOs -:-PAYMENT OF GRATUITY (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2009 -:-Income-tax (Dispute Resolution Panel) Rules, 2009 -:-Mobile Banking Transactions- Operative Guidelines for Banks -:-CBDT panel to set safe harbour norms -:-NBFCs not on par with Banks -:-Insertion of Rule 37BA and 37-I -:-Your income tax details is not out of bounds -:-Procedure for Representation before BIFR and AAIFR -:-Companies can adjust FBT paid against tax due in March -:-Adjustment of Service Tax -:-Auditors cannot be forced to part with information of clients not related to search, found in their -:-S. 14A disallowance has to be made even if assessee has no tax-free income -:-Applicability of Section 14A on partnership firms -:-Delhi VAT Amendment Act, 2009 -:-Applicability of provisions under section 194J -:-TDS from payments of second installment of arrears on implementation of Sixth Central Pay Commissi -:-Income deemed to accrue or arise in India -:-Remittance to Non-Residents under Section-195 and matter connected thereto -:-Amendment in Rule 67 -:-Amendment in Electronic Furnishing of Income Scheme, 2007 -:-Standardized lot size for derivative contracts on individual securities -:-Systems Audit of Mutual Funds -:-Notified persons, notified sporting events and Specified income -:-Scheme for Filing of Statutory Documents and other Transactions by Companies in Electronic Mode -:-Duty Drawback and sale of DEPB license not eligible for tax holiday: Supreme Court -:-Mandatory application of Cost Accounting Standards, w.e.f. 1st April 2010 -:-MCX TRANSACTIONS- NO MORE SPECULATIVE -:-NEW PROVISIONS FOR TDS/TCS -:-INSERTION OF RULE 37BB -:-INSERTION OF RULE 40E -:-SUPREME COURT DISMMED THE VODAFONE APPEAL -:-CBDT CLARIFIES THE DEFINITION OF "CHARITABLE PURPOSE" -:-LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP -:-Vodafone's Case -:-SUPREME COURT ON BOOK PROFIT ADJUSTMENTS -:-NEW COMPANY'S BILL -:-SCRUTINY NORMS FOR FY 2007-08 -:-NO TDS ON SERVICE TAX COMPONENT ON RENT -:-

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Batch Schedule - 'April' 2014






21th April, 2014 to 5th Sep, 2014

        M/W/F/S and Mon –Fri

CA Vinod Gupta

      22th April, 2014 to 6th  Sep, 2014


                  CA Vinod Gupta

  12th June, 2014 to 24th  Sep, 2014


 CA Vinod Gupta







09th June, 2014 to 1st Aug, 2014

Alternate Days

Mr. R.M Jha

07th June, 2014 to 31st Aug, 2014


Mr. R.M Jha



                             DATE                      DAYS                     FACULTY
       05th May, 2014 to 05th Sep, 2014                      M/W/F/S                     CA Parag Gupta
      06th May, 2014 to 06th Sep, 2014                      T/T/S/S                     CA Parag Gupta
       12th Jun, 2014 to 17th Sep, 2014                      Mon-Fri                     CA Parag Gupta


Start date of Registration: 23rd March, 2014 at 4:00 PM

1. Fee will not be accepted in cash. Fee can be paid online at website, Debit/Credit Card, Demand draft or Challan.
2. Demand Draft should be made in favor of “VG Learning Destination (India) Pvt. Ltd.” payable at your local city.
3. Early registration discount of Rs. 1,000/- can be availed if online registration is done before 10th April, 2014 and total fee has been deposited  in our account by any of the above mentioned modes by that date.