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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 :- How can I get myself registered for DT classes?. Or Do I need to visit centre for my registration for the classes?.

Ans. :- If any student wants to get registered with us for the classes, he or she needs to visit our site Click on Register Now and you can start with the registration process.

Q. 2 :- What are the timings of the classes?.

Ans. :- The timings at VG Learning Destination are very flexible. We give all the option i.e., morning, evening and afternoon to students. Our class timings are 7 to 10:30 a.m. in the morning, 6 to 9:30 p.m. in the evening and 11 to 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon.

Q. 3 :- I am on old student of yours and already taken classes. I am appearing again in the exams. Will I get any discount?. Or I registered myself for the current batch but will not be able to attend the batch due to negative result of group 2 exams. Can I carry forward my classes to next session?.

Ans :- Students can register them again in the batch which is suitable for them. On showing their old ID card, students will get 30% discount in the fees. They can take the whole batch again with half of the fees and new books will also be given to them.

Q. 4 :- Do I need to submit anything after registering myself at the study centre?. Or Is there any formality which needs to be done after registering online?.
Or I downloaded my registration form and fee receipt. Where do I need to deposit it?.
Or What are the documents which I need to submit after registration?.

Ans. :- After registering online, students has to submit registration form, fee receipt and two passport size photos at the centres where they are registered. Centre will issue them the ID card through which they can get entry into the classes and can get their books issued.

Q. 5 :- What are the means of payment?. Or Can I make cash payment at the centre?.
Or Can I deposit challan at the centre?.

Ans. :- We give different options for students to pay their fees. Students can make payments using the following means i.e., Swipe, Online, Challan or by DD. We do not accept payment via Cash or Cheque.

Q. 6 :- I want to make payment through DD but I don’t know to which name DD has to be made?.

Ans. :- DD should be on the name of VG learning Destination (India) Pvt. Ltd. Payable at your city. Students have to submit this DD at their study centres.

Q. 7 :- I want to make payment via challan. How can I get it?.

Ans. :- Students can generate challan from their Ids from the fee payment section.

Q. 8 :- I will miss some of the classes due to Audit work. Can I attend classes in the city where I am going?. Or I am near to one of your centre. Can i take today’s class here as i would not be able to reach the centre on time for the class?.

Ans. :- We allow 5 classes to our students without any charges at any other centre. Students have to send a mail at

Q. 9 :- I lost my ID card while travelling it again. How to get it issued again?.

Ans. :- You can get your ID card issued again by paying Rs. 200 at your study centre.

Q. 10 :- I am taking classes at one of your centres. Please tell me how can i get my queries resolved?. Or I have some queries. Where can i resolve it?.

Ans. :- Please do not send your queries via mail. You can send queries directly to Sir’s personal number 9810053993. Sir will revert back to the queries within 48 hours.

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